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Official CESA Membership Agreements/Contracts will be sent to you by email following your submission of this online application. 

You will receive a phone call from a CESA representative within 2 business days to discuss your CESA membership. 

After speaking with the CESA representative, if you decide to proceed with your membership, please log back in to your member profile to view your invoice and payment instructions.

A sample Membership Agreement/Contract is shown below.

2015 CESA Membership Agreement



Attn: {Contact_FullName}



{ContactField_City}{ContactField_State} {ContactField_Zip_Code}

Dear {Contact_FullName},

This engagement agreement supersedes and replaces any previous understanding, agreement or contract, written or verbal and confirms the terms on which Strategen Consulting LLC (“Strategen”) will render services for {Contact_Organization} (“Client”) in connection with Client’s membership with the California Energy Storage Alliance (“CESA”).

Additionally, it should be known that Strategen Consulting LLC is currently engaged by and/or may perform future work for client(s) looking to enter or currently doing business in the energy storage and or clean energy field.

Receipt of your payment confirms that you have accepted these terms, which will make this a legally binding agreement governing Strategen’s representation of Client.

1. Fees and Payment

(1a) The {Member_Level} Annual Fee for CESA is {Member_Level_Fee} payable in full upon receipt of invoice from Strategen (log in to your member profile {Member_Profile_URL}to view your invoice and payment instructions).

(1b) The Annual Membership Fee includes billing for Strategen services and expenses related to CESA activity. “Expenses” include all direct out of pocket expenses, such as legal expenses, travel, messenger service, overnight mail, copying, telephone, facsimile, outside document reproduction, electronic research, document retrieval and filing fees. Additional CESA activities may be undertaken by a subset of CESA members – such activities can be separately funded – however, the scope, goals and cost of any such activity must be pre-agreed to in writing by interested CESA members in advance of services rendered

(1c) All payments for fees and expenses are due on receipt from date of invoice from Strategen (log in to your member profile {Member_Profile_URL} to view your invoice and payment instructions).

(1d) Client agrees to pay a late charge, computed at the rate of 1.5% per month on any past due balance. A balance will be considered “past due” if not paid within 30 days of the invoice date or start of membership term, whichever occurs last. Strategen reserves the right to refuse to render services or to withdraw from this engagement if fees or expenses are not paid on a timely basis.

(1e) The {Member_Level} Annual Fee applies for the calendar year. Members joining after the first calendar month of a year are charged a pro-rata portion of the first year’s Annual Fee on a monthly basis.

2. Term and Termination

(2a) The term of this agreement is for the 2015 calendar year. At term expiry, Client may renew this agreement online for an additional term of one calendar year. Strategen reserves the right to amend the conditions of any additional term(s), provided that all amendments are communicated to Client and agreed upon in writing prior to renewal.

(2b) Client may discharge Strategen at any time and Strategen may withdraw from this engagement at any time with Client’s consent or for good cause. “Good cause” includes breach of this agreement, refusal to cooperate with Strategen or to follow Strategen’s advice on any material matter, any fact or circumstance that would, in Strategen’s sole judgment, create a conflict of interest with another client of Strategen, or render Strategen’s continuing representation unlawful or unethical, or if services are no longer deemed necessary. Good cause also includes failure to pay Strategen invoices in a timely manner. If either Strategen or Client terminates this relationship while any matter is pending, all fees and expenses incurred as of the date of termination will be immediately due and payable.

3. Miscellaneous

(3a) Client will be kept informed of the progress of Strategen activities undertaken on Client’s behalf on a current basis and will be sent copies of all relevant documents and correspondence, including email, unless instructed by Client not to do so.

(3b) Every effort will be made to provide services promptly and efficiently. However, Strategen cannot and does not guarantee any final outcome.

(3c) This agreement will not take effect, and Strategen will have no obligation to render services, until payment is received by Strategen.

(3d) Client agrees to keep Strategen informed of developments, to cooperate with Strategen, to abide by this agreement, and to pay invoices in timely manner.

(3e) Strategen reserves the right to provide strategic advisory services (outside of CESA) to firms in the distributed energy resources and clean tech market sectors, including firms that may directly or indirectly compete with Client.

Please retain a copy of this agreement for your records. We thank you for the trust and confidence you have shown in selecting Strategen for this engagement. If you have any questions about this agreement please contact CESA's Director of Market Development, Cedric Christensen, cchristensen@storagealliance.org, +1 (510) 665-7811 x105

Kind Regards,

The California Energy Storage Alliance


Who do we share your information with?

CESA members have access to the contact information (name, title, company, email, phone, and address) and membership information (membership level, working groups, etc.) of other CESA members unless they specifically request that their information remain confidential.  You may request that your information remain confidential by sending an email to members@storagealliance.org. 

It is generally our policy not to share or sell your personally identifiable information with any third party. We may, however, share information under the following circumstances:

1. If we receive your informed consent;

2. If it is necessary for a third party provider to perform tasks on our behalf;

3. If we believe doing so is reasonably necessary to comply with a law, regulation, or valid legal process. If we are going to release your information, we will do our best to provide you with notice in advance, if we have a means to contact you, unless we are prohibited by court order from doing so;


4. If we are acquired by or merged with another company. This Privacy Policy would continue to apply to any data collected while it was in place.

The information we process and collect through this site is stored via Wild Apricot (the membership management system for this site) in accordance with their Privacy Policy.

As part of the California Online Privacy Protection Act, all users of our site may make any changes to their information at anytime by logging into their Member Profile and going to the 'Edit Profile' page.

If we decide to change this privacy policy we will notify you by email.

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